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What options do I have when I owe the IRS taxes that I can't afford to pay?
I don't remember the last time I filed a tax return. Should I stay in hiding and hope the IRS forgot about me?
I cannot afford to pay my taxes. Should I still file a tax return?
I filed my tax return late and was shocked when I saw my tax bill. How does the IRS compute penalties?
Can the IRS seize and sell my home or car? What about my bank accounts? What about social security benefits?
Will I get a warning before the IRS seizes my property?
What property is exempt from IRS levy or seizure?
Can IRS place a levy on my bank account and receive my future deposits?
Can IRS levy my entire paycheck? For how long will a wage levy continue?
How can I stop an IRS levy?
The IRS filed a Notice of Federal Tax Lien. How can I get the lien removed?
Can the IRS go after me personally if I owe payroll taxes?
What is an Offer in Compromise?
Will the IRS compromise on all of my back taxes? Can I compromise interest and penalties?
Can I discharge my tax liability through bankruptcy?
Will I receive a tax refund if I currently owe federal taxes?
My tax liability is over 6 years old. What is the Statute of Limitations on IRS collections?
Is there a Statute of Limitations on IRS assessments?
What rights do I have as a taxpayer?
What is the IRS Fresh Start initiative?

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